I'm involved with The Mankind Project (MKP) (http://www.mkp.org) in the Washington, DC area (http://greaterwashington.mkp.org).

This is my original group that formed in 2001.
Original I-Group
Here's my current group. It's made up of my original group plus a group that we merged with and some men who have since joined that merged group.

OK. So there's no picture here. I need to take one.
This is the November 2003 weekend group photo. It's all the staff and all the new men that just went through the weekend. I'm in the 3rd row from the front about 2/3 of the way from the left.
New England 1103
Here's one of me at a work weekend to help with some construction work where we hold our MKP weekends in the DC area.
Claymont Work Weekend